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Jump into your new mermaid snuggie, rustle yourself up a hot chocolate, get the Diptyque candle a lighting and grab the nearest hot water bottle; hibernation season has officially begun. The madness of Christmas is over, the gym is still closed and you’re finally settling down for a much-needed break. Get ready to start official binge-watching season with the top three TV shows this January you can’t afford to miss.


top three tv shows this January

Oh hey Cumberbitches, I’m looking at you! Sherlock is back and there’s still no absolute confirmation about his sexuality, so we can dream, right? Since the last series of Sherlock ended, there have been giant chocolate scupltures of Benedict Cumberbatch for edible or other purposes (I’m not judging), he’s played the Danish prince in Hamlet and scolded the audience members for obnoxious phone activity and Martin Freeman has become an international sensation with his role in Fargo. Personally, I’m an Andrew Scott fan (why are all the good ones gay?). So when it was announced that the original cast would be reunited for Sherlock, I couldn’t help but do a little victory dance. In the first episode, six busts of Maggie Thatcher are destroyed, an act related to a much more complex crime that Holmes and co are eager to solve. Three new episodes begin with the first instalment on New Year’s Day and I reckon the Baker Street sociopath and co are the perfect clan to give 2016 the kick in the butt it truly needs. Did I mention Toby Jones is the new villain? Mind vault currently in overdrive. Sherlock comes in at number one on my list of the top three TV shows this January you can’t afford to miss. And that has absolutely nothing to do with the destruction of Prime Minister Thatcher’s busts. Swear!

Sherlock Series 4 airs 1 January on BBC.


top three tv shows in January

This classy Nordic noir-ish drama set in the chilling surrounds of the Arctic brings with it intrigue and suspense. Returning to Sky Atlantic for a second season, Fortitude is back with an intoxicating new story line. It’s been nine weeks since tragedy struck the sleepy hollow of Fortitude and things have finally settled down. The contamination has been isolated but many of the town’s residents have fled in fear. Among those that remain are Governor Hildur Odegard (Sofie Gråbøl) and new character, crab fisherman Michael Lennox (Dennis Quaid). As peace appears to restore, the village is rocked by another murder. This is a chilling (literally) cautionary tale of what happens when fear gets out of control. Definitely one of my all time favourite TV shows – the mise-en-scène is breathtaking, the acting is sublime (heavy hitters like Michael Gambon, Richard Dormer and Stanley Tucci populate the series 1 cast) and the story line reads like 28 Days Later meets Broadchurch. Start binge watching the first series now if you haven’t already seen it! Series two brings with it a whole host of new cast members, including national treasure Robert Sheehan (Misfits, Love /Hate) and Michelle Fairley (Game of Thrones). This is definitely one of my top tips, coming in at number two in the top three tv shows this January you absolutely must watch.

Fortitude airs 29 January on Sky Atlantic.


top three tv shows in January

If we close our eyes and wish real hard, can we forget that Donald Trump becoming President Elect ever happened? Maybe not, but we can embrace the fictional first lady of politics in Scandal, can’t we? Shonda Rimes’ Golden Globe-winning political drama is back on our screens this January to whet our insatiable need for American political TV drama. Olivia Pope is the chief political advisor at the White House and when a presidential candidate is shot, she is forced to do some serious thinking and suspect even her closest allies. Kerry Washington is fierce AF and has the corporate wardrobe to die for in Sky Living’s season 6 of the US smash-hit drama, Scandal, coming in at number three on my list of the top three tv shows this January.

Scandal airs on Sky Living 19th January.



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