The Perennial Winter Wardrobe Staples You Need in Your Life

Winter wardrobe staples might appear to be diametrically opposed to everything I stand for as the Fashion Horn but hear me out, OK?

Winter wardrobe staples

Wardrobe Wars –  Style Staple or Red Herring?

Who was it that said dress for the job you want? I often find myself dressing on a whim; I’ve channeled 1940s French spy in head-to-toe-black, trench coat, beret and cigar in tow. If I fancy donning the inky hues of mourning, I like to pretend I’m Hamlet, using my self-inflicted misery as a vehicle for creating poetry, albeit self-indulgent drivel that tends to be banished to the teenage-like scrawl of my journal.

The Evolution of Woe(man)

Much to my chagrin, I am turning into my parents. Despite my rebellion as a teenager, branding them Philistines for wanting a ‘nice office job’ with a stable income for me, it is now all I dream of. So, while I don’t plan on suiting up anytime soon, I’m slowly but surely adding some trusted style staples to my winter wardrobe.

Winter Wardrobe Staples – A Classic Winter Coat

Detachable faux fur collar? Tick. Mrs. Claus-inspired blush? Tick. Mistletoe reminiscent? Tick, tick and tick. This lush coat is from Savida at Dunnes. It’s not available online but I’ve seen some in stores.

Winter Wardrobe Staples – Colour Block Trousers

I can’t imagine ever wearing bootcut or flares again. Skinnies, straight-leg or boyfriend styles are still my go-to. These teal trousers are the next best thing to skinny jeans without looking too casual. Boom!

Winter Wardrobe Staples – Floral/Pussy-Bow Blouse

I’ve avoided florals for quite some time; still suffering a mild case of sartorial PTSD after the many flora-inspired leggings/matching tee combos I wore religiously as a child/teenager. It took me some time to banish that thought. Now, I adore a ditsy floral tea dress, a bloom heavy kimono or 70s inspired maximal botanical prints. Since the advent of the pussy bow, I have been a fan but the God of Gucci himself has re-invented the style with aplomb and the high street is following suit. Mine is from Savida at Dunnes and I’ve added lots of other styles at the bottom of this post.

My shirt, jeans and coat are all Savida at Dunnes, my bag is Primark and my boots are Altuzarra x Target. All jewellery my own. For more styles check below.

I’ve added some of my favourite high street heroes for your convenience. Just click on the image to shop. This is an affiliate link which means I might get approximately 10-30c if more than 300 of you click or buy it! Thanks!

My Favourite High-Street Blouses
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Fashion World blouse
Boohoo at Asos
A Pretty Pop – Colour Block Trousers
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Classic and Classy – Winter Red Coat
River Island




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