Urban Decay Distortion palette

Distortion, disruption, transmogrification, all the shuns are in and isms are out. Shade is basic but shift is extra. Contouring? So last season. Redonk-u-lashes? Hello Mona (far away OK, up close eeeeugh). Glitter-eyes? Oh, hai Betty.

What the hell am I on about? The new trends raising the beauty bar is what but mainly, my new fave plaything, the Urban Decay Distortion palette.

So, what’s the deal? OK, there’s a little bit of maths involved (which I am not very happy about at all because I defied all my secondary school teachers and said I would never, ever have any use for such nonsense in the real world) but hear me out. This new palette consists of 15 shadows; ten are ‘shades’ and the other five are ‘transformer hues’. The shades are arranged in vertical trios (handy, Sandy) but they’re also connected via diagonal lines to show you all possible colour combinations. Here’s one I did earlier.

No, you’re not tripping balls (or are you?). These shadows transform when layered over each other so what you see isn’t always what you get. To create this look, I used my trusty NYX eyeshadow base in white. It’s a bit costly at €9.99 but it increases the longevity of your shadow and heightens the pigment too. If I want my shadow to last me all day, I’ll always apply it. Plus, it looks like Tipp-ex and that reminds me of the days of yore when wearing Tipp-ex as nail varnish was totally rad.


I used First Offence all over the lid and blended some Territorial in the outer v, then smudged a very small dusting of  Blackout in the crease. This was a bit of a disaster until I blended like a mofo because the pigment is so strong with that one. Bleach was my first choice for the tearduct and highlighting – a bright, white gold hue, it looked amazing to highlight the eye as well as over the lid. Finally, I applied a very small bit of shifty, a pinky-white transformer hue with pistachio coloured particles on the brow bone. And voila! I had a fancy schmancy look all ready for my close-up at Tesco Lisduggan. I may not have been going anywhere because I am frightfully boring but I would definitely re-create this look for a hot date with a bowl of chicken wings or a boogie with the squad.

Urban Decay Distortion palette

What lipstick do you prefer with this look?

Have you tried out this palette? What other combos work well?

Disclaimer: This palette was kindly given to me as a press sample. I was under no obligation to post anything but I did receive it for free. If you click one of the links to buy the palette, I might make between 10 and 30c but only if several thousand of you buy it.

Buy it here.


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