Not so many half moons ago, I worked in a lovely department store. Much to my chagrin/amusement every Thursday without fail I was visited by a small woman with big demands. The diminutive regular with a spiky hairstyle to rival Sonic’s would come to the only department that stocked size 50, requesting a size 6 ‘set’. As if in some sort of Walworth Farce, there ensued a charade of politeness and protocol that played out where I would tell her we didn’t stock size 6 but we did have that in a size 50 and she would ask if we could order it and we did and then she inevitably, every single time, brought it back.

Initially thinking she meant the classic twin set, I soon grew to learn that what she actually meant was co-ords. A skirt and top that were ‘made to look like a dress,’ she’d say, weary of spewing the same line over and over. She too, was aware that we were in an Enda Walsh style drama where only one of us would get out with a mere Tesco bag full of shopping. I couldn’t get my head around her request. Why not just get one piece? No matter how many Percy Pigs I snuck under the counter, I thought the idea of two matching pieces ludicrous. Fast forward four years and I’m the co-ord trend’s biggest advocate. Matchy, matchy five dollah, I say, matchy, set point – me likey. And like a poor man’s Dua Lipa (a very, very poor man), I will now dictate to you the rules according to a co-ords convert.


Whether you want to channel sexy sausage (if you can’t get on board with sausages being sexy, I defy you to watch Sausage Party) in full nude (or never nude) or your Nana’s curtains, commit, son. Off to the shops to buy some milk but in full on sequins? Own it, girl. You got this. Forget wallflower – co-ords are a bold statement and you won’t be giving one until you consult your lawyer, OK?

Snaking side eye, fabulous bottom.


Remember that dude that bought a suit made out of nothing (NAWTHING) in The Emperor’s New Clothes? Gas lad, so he was. He got away with it! Seam free since ’93 that bruh is. And you can be too – buy some PJs that look remarkably like a suit and rock into the office in a pair of killer heels. Hide the Uggs under the desk. Nobody will know any different. Case in point: Jenna Lyons wearing bedazzled pyjamas to the Met Ball. Mic drop.


Match not what your country can do for you but match what you can for your country. Match as many people in your county and country as you can. Your Mam. Her Mam. Your daughter (if it’s good enough for Pandora…..). Your dog. Your cat. Your boyf and your BFF. Go forth and match. It’s not naff, it’s adorable. There is nothing quite like the sheer, unadulterated glee of seeing someone else in the same outfit. It’s gas. End of.

THAT’S IT! All images by Kieran Russell photography.

Who gives a proverbial what I say about wearing co-ords – just wear whatever the hell you like and you’ll be gorgeous!

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